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High quality detectable warning tapes to protect non-metallic pipes and cables.

Detectable warning tape can be easily and precisely located using a cable pipe locator even above the ground. This machines work generating impulses which can be intercepted by the detectable warning tape, thus making it possible to identify the presence of cables, their position and depth and their courses below the ground.

Detectable warning tape is necessary to detect underground plastic pipes and non-metallic cables, which are widely used and can cause painful unease if touched or damaged. Being difficult to be located when buried, these pipings can safely be protected from careless interventions using our tapes.

All our detectable warning tapes are made of polyethylene low density tape, coupled with a metallic foil or stripe (of aluminium or copper) which allows the cables or the pipings to be detected. The metallic layer is protected with a transparent polyethylene film.

All different colours and texts are available to tailor our tapes on your need. If you need information about our detectable warning tape, or if you are willing to buy one of our products, just fill in the form and we will reply you with the information or the estimate fit on your necessities.

Comby Italia producing barricade tapes

Who we are - Comby Italia S.r.l. - warning tapes manufacture

Comby Italia S.r.l. is one of the Italian leading manufacturers of warning tapes Comby Italia has got 35 years of experience in the warning tapes market. Thanks to our continuous investments, the quality of the raw material we purchase and the skills and the ability of our working staff, we always achieve our goal to increase our capacity for the production of barrier tapes, underground warning tapes,and detectable tapes.

Our mission is to offer to our customers and partners the best quality, though keeping our prices affordable and our service of delivery efficient and punctual. Our first quality barrier tapes and warning tapes are available at very competitive prices and are accompanied by an efficient before and after sales service.

Comby Italia S.r.l. can produce from 12 to 15 thousand tapes per day, of different size and dimension, in order to satisfy the most varied need of our customers. All our items can be personalized and all our customers are followed by our sales personnel with precision and kindness, which are qualities we keep ensuring.